The Best 2020 Event Selection Strategy

  • Age and demographics
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Interests
  • Concerns (What keeps him/her up at night?)
  • Most pressing needs
  1. Make decisions about which events to participate in and how
  2. Develop messaging and offers to attract these buyers based on their concerns
  • Google (use a range of keyword searches to find relevant events)
  • Network (ask friends in the industry which shows they attend)
  • Exhibitors (people who have exhibited at the shows on your list). Ask them which other events they go to and how these events compare in terms of ROI, the organizers, and the audience.
  • Competitors (see questions above). You can do this anonymously.
  • Partners (who may be able to identify additional events, not on your list)
  1. Quality Score: target audience/total audience %
    Because this input is substantially more important than the other factors you’ll be accounting for, we recommend weighting this score. For example, consider making it three times more valuable than your other variables.
  2. Quantity, i.e., number of projected attendees
  3. Duration (days)
  4. Exhibiting floor location as a measure of audience exposure. On a 1–5 scale, how would you rate the projected exposure opportunity with target prospects?
  1. Exhibiting versus sponsorship
  2. Travel and staffing



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Bill Kenney

Bill Kenney


Helps international B2B companies exhibit at US trade shows.