How to Solve the 6 Most Common Challenges to Trade Show Success

  1. Lack of a clear target focus
    Many companies select and attend trade shows without a clear picture of precisely whom they’re aiming to target with their marketing efforts. They have not developed clear and accurate buyer personas.
  2. Misguided or missing strategy
    While everyone hopes for big wins at trade shows, this isn’t Monte Carlo. Too many companies push all their resources into one big event and hope for success instead of investing time and resources into a solid annual strategy.
  3. Poor alignment
    Large investments in marketing resources are wasted when companies fail to align these modes with each other and with specific outcomes in the target market.
  4. Communication and methodologies that are not localized
    Small differences in language, culture and time zone can make a big difference when trying to connect with prospects in a foreign market.
  5. Placing salespeople in the booth
    This may seem counterintuitive, but we’ve got strong evidence to prove that salespeople have a higher purpose at trade shows and in-person events and can deliver much better results when placed outside the booth. Also, the booth will be much more productive, when salespeople are removed.
  6. Poor follow-up
    Too much potential energy is squandered by no or a poorly executed follow-up strategy. Unfortunately, a companies lack of professional post-event communication leaves many high-quality opportunities on the sidelines.
  • Which fish is he/she going to catch
  • Where is he/she going to find them
  • What bait is he/she going to use to attract them



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Bill Kenney

Bill Kenney


Helps international B2B companies exhibit at US trade shows.